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Discounts & Events



Book either of our guest rooms for 3 consecutive nights or more and receive 10% off of the total price of your stay!

**This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts**


Farm tours are available on the weekends, and are free as long as you schedule it with us in advance. Tours generally last about a half hour, and are a great deal of fun!


We do offer one-on-one workshops catered to your individual needs. Topics include (but are not limited to): woodworking with hand tools, millinery, animal husbandry, and gardening. If you are interested in participating in a workshop, please contact us for details!

Please note that there is a 2-day minimum stay required for participating in a workshop.

Below is a small sampling of a few of the workshops we offer:

Understanding Bench Planes

Per Person Price: $70

In the class we will discuss the primary set of planes for a hand-tool woodworker: The fore, try, and smoothing planes. We will go over the aspects of how the tools are used differently, what to look for when buying them, as well as how to set them up for fast and efficient work. During the class we will plane one board square on all 6 working surfaces. While tools will be provided, it is recommended that a student bring their own tools to utilize for the class.

Dovetail by Hand

Per Person Price: $60

Today’s craftsman has access to an amazing assortment of equipment that allows us to automate the process of most joinery. Unfortunately, in most cases the equipment unduly influences the final look of the joint. In this class we will give you the understanding you need to free yourself from the router and start cutting the dovetails you want to see in your finished piece. We will discuss the tools used in making through dovetails, as well as different techniques to create them. It is recommended that you bring you own tools in order to get a feel for the work you will be doing in your own shop, but tools will be provided if you do not have them. The two most important tools are: a Dovetail saw (about 15 TPI works), and a marking knife.

Making a Saw-Stool

Per Person Price: $150

The most important skill you can learn in a hand-working shop is to saw accurately to a line. If you use western panel saws, nothing will help you do this more than having your work at the right height and appropriately secured. This saw-stool may look different than other forms, but the design dates back hundreds of years (or more), and it is very simple to construct. The biggest benefit of this tool is that you don’t need a workbench to build one. In the class, you will be constructing your first sawing station. This is a great crash course in chair construction, as the joints are similar to what you would find in an old Windsor chair. Tools will be provided, but it’s always suggested that you bring your own. Due to the fact that there is some assembly involved in this project, it is recommended you allot two days to complete the project.

Custom Classes...

Per Person Price: Varies

Ryan Garrett has been working by hand for some time now and has a good deal of experience to offer those just starting out. Have a project that you are stuck on? Dreaming about building something but don’t know how to start? Just want a place to putter with hand tools while you are on vacation? Feel free to send an email & we can create a class that suits your needs.