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Apothecary Inn:

The Perfect Place for a Cat Nap!

Home of
NDGA & ADGA Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats
NMDA & ADMS Registered Miniature Donkeys
ILR Registered Pack & Fiber Llamas CABGA Registered Angora Goats


Beautiful Southern Oregon

Located in beautiful Southern Oregon

Meet Our Animals!

The Garretts are animal lovers all the way through. Beginning with the adoption of their 12-year-old tom cat in 2005, they have adopted and fostered all kinds of animals over the years. Currently, their property is host to a small herd of dwarf nigerian goats, miniature donkeys, and several llamas.




***UPDATE (9/20/08):
Michele has given birth to a beautiful brown (male) cria this morning! Dubbed "Comet," this little bundle of joy has a white star on his nose, and a VERY friendly personality. Welcome to the Farm, Comet!***



(Photo Courtesy of Joyful Llama Ranch)


Dixie & llamas

Dixie is our resident guard llama. She keeps watch over our four-legged family! She can be a bit of a handful (due to her mischievious nature), but she is a sweety at heart.




Pearl was born Sunday, July 8th, 2007. Pearl is an absolute sweetheart who is also terribly shy. She will let her best friend, Gloria, come up and greet people, but Pearl is always too timid to say hello herself.




(Photos Courtesy of Joyful Llama Ranch)
Gloria is a friendly little cria from the Joyful Llama Ranch. She is about the same age as Pearl. Gloria is the daughter of Michele, and will be a future "power packer" llama! Gloria loves neck scratches, and will usually be the first one to come up and say hello to you.


Gloria & Michele

Michele is Gloria's mother. She doesn't have much pack experience yet, but we are working on her! Michele consistently breeds amazing packers!

WINCHESTER (aka "The Mattress")


(Photo Courtesy of Joyful Llama Ranch)


Winchester is our perfect packer, and a "black beauty!" This gentle gelding will do whatever you ask, and is a pleasure to pack with! He is the main llama we like to use for our llama hikes.



Punkin was a rescue llama. She is on the small side; shy but sweet. She has a full pack coat and excellent conformation, so we are conditioning her to become a future packer! Punkin is also turning out to be an excellent guard llama!



(Photo Courtesy of Hill of Beans Llamas)


Marci is one of the llamas we have adopted. She is a fiber llama who hums constantly, and is quite the doof. We love her!



Curious George is Jillian's baby, and one of the sweetest llamas in the world! He is like a 500 lb. lab puppy trapped in the body of a llama. Thus, George has no boundaries, and can be a bit of a handful, especially considering his large size. He means well, and we are working on teaching him proper manners! George's best friend is Judge.



Another wonderful cria from the Joyful Llama Ranch! Judge could be Pearl's twin, both in looks and in personality. He is a very shy llama, but that could also be because George's beyond-outgoing personality tends to overshadow him. Judge is unique in that he has beautiful blue eyes.



More photos and descriptions coming soon!