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Why You Should Stay With Us...

The Garrett Family

Apothecary Inn is still the “new kid on the block.” We opened our doors on May 10th, 2009 with a lovely Grand Opening Celebration attended by 30-40 friendly faces. Even with our limited advertising budget, word spread, and we booked a fairly full summer. We have had a great deal of positive feedback from guests, and I look forward to seeing this trend continue in the future. I believe that word of mouth is the best form of advertisement. The people who come to stay at our bed and breakfast are doing so because they want a truly unique and rewarding experience. In a time where most people don’t connect that their hamburger comes from a cow, or that their Thanksgiving turkey did not start its life in plastic wrap, we are here to show people that there is something good to be said for going back to basics. It’s about using your hands, working hard, and accomplishing a dream. Each generation walks a different path, but that doesn’t mean that we should forget our ancestors. In a day with Walmart and work cubicles, we traded a 40 hour week for an 80 hour week and came out ahead. There is something to be said for returning to your roots. At Apothecary Inn, we’ll show you why.

The inn & guest rooms are named after antique roses, many of which are found on the property.

Fantin-Latour Rose

The Garretts arise every morning at 5 am to feed animals, milk goats, and begin guest breakfast preparations. Breakfast is served every morning at 8:00 am sharp - with coffee & snacks set out by 7:30 am for earlier risers. Breakfast consists of two courses: the first course is generally a lighter, sweeter course, and is followed by a second, more hearty course. Generally, no sugar is used to create the breakfasts - instead, the innkeepers rely on herbs and fruit juices to add sweetness and flavor! Examples of breakfast include the following:

Breakfast Table

Example Breakfast #1

Course #1: Ginger-Apple Bran Muffin (usually drizzled with the inn's signature blackberry-basil-cinnamon jam) garnished with strawberries and chocolate mint

Course #2: Individual watermelon or melon cup with fresh seasonal berries and chocolate mint

Melon Cup

Example Breakfast #2

Course #1: Scrambled farm fresh eggs with fried sage and chives

Course #2: Homemade granola (with rolled oats, wheat bran, oat bran, dried cherries, sunflower seeds, fennel seeds, flax seeds, and local honey) served over fresh goats milk yogurt or kefir and fresh seasonal berries from the garden

Cherry-Fennel Granola

Example Breakfast #3

Course #1: Healthy blueberry breakfast cake with lemongrass and apricot jam

Course #2: Lemony quinoa with maple-sauteed apples

Healthy Blueberry Breakfast Cake

Example Breakfast #4

Course #1: Peach "Boats" containing local boysenberries & raspberries and garnished with the inn's famous blueberry-lavender-lemon verbena jam

Course #2: Maple-ginger waffles with yellow dock flour

Peach Boat

Example Breakfast #5

Course #1: Honey-Raspberry-Corn Muffin (made using our own hand-ground Oaxacan Green Dent corn flour) garnished with a fig, an evening primrose blossom, and grapes

Course #2: Freshly-baked scones with Litchi Tomato-Ginger jam, finished with a generous dollop of cream and sprinkled with cilantro leaves

Cornmeal Muffin

Example Breakfast #6

Course #1: Veggie-Bacon Frittata made using fresh eggs, local bacon, and veggies from the garden

Course #2: Oatmeal-Maple Apple Crisp with Lemon Verbena

Veggie-Bacon Frittata

The Garretts have a menagerie of 4-legged & feathered friends. You can watch the goats, donkeys, and llamas at play in the pasture, and the chickens loitering near their coop. Adso & Jugi 2.0, the adorable kittens, have free reign over the house (Sadly, we lost our beloved "original" Jugi to cancer in November 2009).

The innkeepers ask that guests do not enter the pastures or the barn.