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ANDDA & ADGA Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats
NMDA & ADMS Registered Miniature Donkeys
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Beautiful Southern Oregon

Located in beautiful Southern Oregon

Meet Our Animals!


The Garretts are animal lovers all the way through. Beginning with the adoption of their 14-year-old tom cat in 2005 (who passed away in early November 2009), they have adopted and fostered all kinds of animals over the years. Currently, their property is host to a small herd of angora goats, nigerian dwarf goats, miniature donkeys, llamas, turkeys, and assorted chickens.



We were absolutely devastated to lose our beloved Jugi to cancer of the larynx in November 2009. The house was so empty without a kitty! Every good inn needs a cat, and we missed the love and companionship that a kitty can bring. After visiting the Rogue Valley Humane Society in Grants Pass, Oregon, we fell in love with a little cookies 'n' cream kitten, whom we jokingly named "Adso of Milk." Adso is an incredibly sweet, mellow kitten - very affectionate and eager to please. He loves being with people, and can be very vocal if left alone for too long. He loves burrowing under the bed sheets for a nap, and playing with his favorite bouncy ball.



JUGI 2.0

Jugi 2.0

We have thought for a long time that Adso would be happier with a friend, so when we found "Benji Button" (renamed to "Jugi 2.0") at the Del Norte Humane Society, we immediately knew we had the perfect companion! Jugi 2.0 reminds us very strongly of our beloved (deceased) tom cat, Jugi. They have the same face, mannerisms, and general sweetness, so we thought it fitting to rename this little angel to Jugi 2.0 (the next Jugi model!). He and Adso are still in an adjustment period with one another, but we have full confidence that soon enough they will be the best of friends!





Miniature Donkeys


Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats


Angora Goats







The Reign of Jugi:
July 17, 2005 - November 3, 2009

The reign of "Foo" lasted for far too brief a time: July 17th, 2005 - November 3rd, 2009. I still remember going into the Petsmart in Salt Lake, in order to buy cat food for a different kitty that I was pet-sitting, and seeing that little strawberry-milk-mustache in the pet carrier. Petsmart was having their big cat adoption event. It was love at first sight for me. I asked if I could take Jugi into the glass "meeting room" where we could interact. He spent the entire time completely ignoring me, and trying to figure out how to escape. I knew then that he was the perfect kitty for me. My aunt paid the adoption fee for me as a belated birthday present, and I took my new kitty home. I remember accidentally banging the carrier against the kitchen door as I brought him in ("Welcome home, Jugi!" *smash* "Ooops! Sorry..."). That first night he claimed the foot of my bed (setting in motion a trend that would continue almost every night for the rest of our time together). I wasn't used to sleeping with a kitty at the foot of my tiny futon bed, so during the night I accidentally threw my legs over him in my sleep. I was quickly awakened to the feeling of having my feet bitten repeatedly by a very annoyed kitty.

Jugi, you were so many different things to me. You had more nicknames than I can ever keep track of. To quote a line out of a book, "I now understand why the Jews and Muslims have 900 names for God. One small word just isn't enough for love." That is how I felt about you, little Foo. Rest now in peace and free of suffering.


My heart sister, Elaina, phrased it best:
"I think there is an excellent lesson to be learned from Jugi in that picture. Devote yourself wholeheartedly to the moment, recognize that it is good, and enjoy it with all you have. "

We lost you to cancer the day after the most beautiful moon rise I have ever ironic that the full moon on November 2nd is most commonly referred to as the "Mourning Moon."

I love you, Jugi. It's not "HOME" without you...



We had such high hopes for this long-awaited little girl, but even from the beginning, we knew that there was something not quite...right...with her. She failed to thrive like the other babies, and even though the entire family did everything they could for her, a sudden and dire case of pneumonia struck, and the joyful flame that was Captain Flowers was snuffed out before it even had a chance to burn brightly. Thank you, Dr. Lea at Pacific Veterinary Clinic, for going above and beyond the call of duty in an effort to save our beloved little baby goat.

A baby lost - a life cut short - before it even had a chance to begin.



Unlike your sister, you were born tiny and too weak to survive. We did everything we could to save you, but in the end you just weren't meant to live. We wish you the best, Zort.




(Photo Courtesy of Pholia Farm)

A sweet, quiet, gentle soul...though I only knew her briefly, I fell in love with her and recognized Chanel as the kindred spirit she was. A few days before we were due to bring her home, she became very ill, and the day that we were supposed to pick her up, she had to be euthanized. We are still waiting to hear back as to what exactly the culprit of this sweet being's demise was. Chanel was three months pregnant (bred to Goliath), and was due to kid in August 2008. Oh darling Chanel, we wish you and your children better luck in your next life. You will be sorely missed...our broken hearts weep at your departure.




Born March 6th, Died March 8th

Duck was born on Thursday evening. She was extremely tiny (weighing less than Poit at birth!), and she had some severe birth defects. We also believe that there was some sort of brain damage - she didn't look or act like a normal healthy goat baby. She grew weaker each hour, until finally passing away the morning of the 8th. She was dubbed "Duck" as in the "Little Ugly Duckling." We wish you the best in your next life, Duck...







Peepzilla was one of the free rare chickens we received with our order from McMurray Hatchery. Peepzilla (named because it was enormous in size, even from the beginning) cheeped its way into our hearts, and has now become a family pet. We have no idea what kind of chicken Peep is...?




You may have only been with us for a short time, but we will never forget you, Coco Max. You were a wonderful kitty, a gentle spirit, and an amazing purr machine. Go softly and rest in peace. We will miss you.