About Us

Seed Germinating

The Apothecary Farm is nestled just outside of Historic Jacksonville in Southern Oregon. It resides directly next door to Valley View Winery, at the gateway to the Applegate Valley Wine Country.

Our first goal is sustainable farming, and the farm specializes in raising rare heirloom fruits and vegetables.















The Gardens


Currently, the grounds are divided into four separate garden areas: two pasture gardens, a formal herb & flower garden, and a section of wooden raised beds. There is also a small orchard (comprised mainly of young heirloom apple trees, with a few peach, plum, and cherry trees as well).

We are proud members of the Seed Savers Exchange!

The farm specializes in rare heirloom fruits, herbs, and vegetables. The selection varies from year to year, and is of course dependent upon the whims of Mother Nature and her insect/furry companions.


We do our best to ensure seed purity, though there is always a chance of cross-pollination. For self-pollinating tomatoes, peppers, and bush beans, we separate each variety by at least a few feet, and plant heavily-flowering Borage and Calendula in between the rows. This encourages insect pollinators to go elsewhere, and decreases the risk of cross-pollination. For pole beans, we separate by at least a few feet, and interplant Scarlet Runner Beans and other flowering vines. Corn is separated by 300 feet and a slightly staggered planting schedule.

Fresh produce is of course seasonal, so please inquire for availability. Items such as tomatoes and peppers are usually ready by mid- to late-summer, while greens are grown only in the spring and sometimes fall. Dry Good items such as our heirloom Oaxacan Green cornmeal, dried herbs, and dry beans, are usually available year round (though the best supply is always in the fall after the harvest!).